♥Ayumi-Bear’s First Follow Forever ♥

Hello everyone! I am here to finally announce my first follow forever! ^-^

I’m doing this because there are so many sweet and wonderful people out there who have such a beautiful and inspiring blogs~ I have followed many of these people for a long time, and some I just recently discovered. Please take time to look at their blogs! ( / w \ ) ♥


(no particular order) 
dwkeikoposturepainsu-fujinopandanyudeadlyusagisugarheart-sweethearttomato-marketgirlsbydaylight/  lovelyillustration/  colormyworldd/  jinki-desu/  melody.co.vu/  /yuri-nyah/  baobeiii/  afterstories/  moonlit-destiny/  onlylittle-raindrop/  ryuuararagi/  \www.oessa/  kioku-no-meiro/  silent-kokoro/  fuckin-bears/  pinkgom/  meowstics.co.vu/  aho-chan/  conflictedfeelings/eebuki/untildeathdowepart/  icouldntstand/  mommysbabykitty/  starlightcarousel/  satoshiaya/ichigou.co.vu/  lovelynakama/  crazymeowperson/  mori-summer/  ishidazero/sakii-sh/  stellainvidia


It was so hard to pick which blogs should be on this follow forever… I wanted to pick out sooo many blogs ;u; I might make a very large follower forever later on, but for now I am keeping it small and simple ^-^ Nothing to fancy~

Image edited by me, I do not own~

Thank you everyone ^-^ 

~Ayumi ♥

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    ow! being there with other wonderful blogs… it makes me so happy! ; w;♥
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    Check out these wonderful blogs (^ω^)❤️
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    thank you darling ♥ ♥ ♥
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    Aww thank you so much! You’re so sweet~ ♥
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    ^/////////////////////^ my my my I am just so happy, grinning ear to ear, guys!! >//u//< Look at this!
  10. lovelynakamaのコメント: w< and some I will have to check out :)
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    Thank you Thank you !!! (´∀`)♡(○゜ε^○)♥
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    Aw, I love when I see people have me on their lists. It means the world to me! Thank you so much.
  13. ishidazeroayumi-bearからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    AAAHH THANK YOU!!! This really means a lot, Ayumi ;_;
  14. colormyworlddayumi-bearからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    Awh thank you Ayumi Bby
  15. kehkiayumi-bearからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    aaa thank you so much!! this is my first time being in a follow forever so it means a lot to me ;w; ♥
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